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Life tips: Making beads for a living

Admin 17 Nov, 2015 Life

By Fisayo Akinduro

Creativity and uniqueness is one of the basis of success. To succeed in life, one must be able to stand out among his or her peers by exceeding beyond their level of reasoning and capacity.

Over the years, beads have overthrown the use of gold and wire works. Beads used to be considered as a sign of royalty to some tribes, while some use it only during ceremonies. But nowadays, beads are used by everyone, regardless of tribes and functions.

Bead making is very lucrative and to some extent, has been the source of living to some people.

A bead maker, Tomisin Oloruntogbe who spoke with The Hope on the rudiments of bead making said: “Bead making is not something you can learn within a specific month, because it keeps evolving as new styles keep coming out. The basics of the trade can be learnt in less than two weeks, if the person can keep up with the trends.

“The necessary tools for making a bead is the beads itself which comes in different sizes, shapes and colours, the fishing lines, bead needle, cutter, crimps bead, hook, pendant, brooches, pliers, among others.

“The outcome of your work solely depends on the type of beads you used. Some of the beads are seed, crystal, pearl and coral beads. Seed beads come in different sizes and are sold per bag.

“Crystals beads have different sizes and shapes (round and tear drops), they also come in different colours, and they are normally stranded in a rope.

“We have pearl beads, there are original water pearl beads which are expensive and you can hardly come across them, and there are machine ones that are substandard, because they get damaged with time and there are so many other types of beads being produced these days.

“Every work has its own challenges. Making beads consumes time and affects your shoulders. It can take more than a week to finish one bead work even if you dedicate your entire time to it. The way customers price the piece after the stress in getting the job done is demeaning. Some will say “Bead is not expensive, as at last year, it was sold for N300.” The sudden rise in Nigeria’s bead makers got the price high.

“It is a very lucrative job if financed very well, virtually every home now has a bead maker. You have to be more creative to stand out and the ability to do something special for your brand and being able to stand out too will go a long way to ensure your success. With N10, 000, you can start a bead business.”

“You must take note that the industry is getting over populated in Nigeria. To make profit and make a brand will require lots of money and creativity” she said.

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