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Christians charged on thanksgiving

Admin 05 Nov, 2015 News, State

By Olusola Alatise

Christians have been charged to always thank God while non believers are complaining because it is only when they praise God for all he has done for them that he will do more.

Pastor in charge of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Ondo Province 9, Pastor Christopher Olaiya Sule, gave this charge in his sermon at monthly thanksgiving service of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

The service with large congregation was held at the Victory Sanctuary, Provincial Headquarters of the Province, Akure.

“Thank God while others are complaining always. Thank him for the little he has done for you to expand it, he charged the congregation”.

He said: Solution is always by the side of every problem for those who know how to thank God adding that “God is the Rock of Salvation and that anybody who builds on the rock of God will not fail or fall.”

The Provincial Pastor who declared that God will not forsake anyone who trust and praise him, stating that “it is not everybody that has the privilege of praising him.

“For the fact that you are alive today you have cause to thank God. It is not everybody that has the opportunity of praising God. Some have money but could not eat what they like. They eat only what is recommended for them even when they did not like it because of their health problems. You and I are here on our own without any ailments. We must thank God. “

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